Blackrocks Kennels Ch Zorro

C’mon Zorro!! C’mon ya bastard!! was heard among the public in the pit during his third battle from which he would come out victorious and would make him a Champion, as well as making a mark by becoming a Ch in only 5 months, yes you heard right 5 months.It all started wen Zorro was bought by Roger Diaz from Tom Garner, never imagining that in his hands was what would later become a locomotive in the pit. At that time, “Roger” decided to get some kennels in the city of Piedras Negras, Coahulia, Mexico where he was under the charge of Javier, better known as “the Mute” among his friends..






One day Jose (Joyero) decided to buy a dog and for that he commented to Javier his desire and Javier commented this fact to Roger who sent instructions to tell him which dogs could be sold since they were the ones that he liked least.

Upon returning to Roger’s yard, Javier shows him 3 males and 2 females. Seeing them the one that caught the attention of Jose was the one with a black neck, known today as Zorro, because it was the first time he had ever worn a collar or been on chain and he felt like a fish out of water. The dog was very shy having never been outside for even a walk.

Arriving at Jose’s house he didn’t doubt in “measuring” le level of Zorro immediately and what better dog for that than Vale 2xw, in spite of the fact that Vale was a smaller dog he was used in the roll since he was a dog that was unforgiving. Upon releasing the dogs Vale due to his experience bit deep into Zorro who did not hesitate to respond in like manner to Vale. Minutes later you could hear Vale’s bones crunching under Zorro’s teeth which stopped the roll, each making their respective scratches like arrows toward their opponent.

Checking Zorro it was noticed that he was missing two fangs, top and bottom, on the same side and at the time Jose feels his hopes of matching Zorro disapear. After that situation they decide to take him to another yard where his opponent “Gitano” had a 2 lbs. advantage over Zorro. Being weighed Gitano looked like a monster while Zorro just sat silently watching. After only 9 minutes into the roll Gitano lost his taste for battle having ended up in pieces in the middle of the pit with both his shoulders broken. Jose upon seeing this was impacted and 3 minutes later the roll ended with Gitano practically in pieces who would die the next day from the wounds inflicted on him by this locomotive.

Seeing how Zorro responded to the rolls, Jose uses him as a stud for some time and is kept on chain. Some months later some friends were looking to test a dog named Kaliman so Jose decides to once again use Zorro and what a surprise, this time all it took was 6 minutes to make pieces of Kaliman who ceased to exist 2 days after that roll.

Zorro was sent to Nueva Rosita, Coahuilia with Vicky, a friend of Jose’s where he spent the next 2 months. Upon his return Jose only thought of rolling him since he thought that because of his lack of 2 cutters he would only be good for rolls without realizing that the dog was screaming at the 4 winds to be in a show.

At that time Isaac, a family member of Jose commented about a dog named Comino who was open at 22 kg. when Zorro weighed 19 kg. so they decide to roll Zorro a third time and that was when Zorro received an almost mortal attack by Comino who concentrated his attacks on the nose of his opponents. This time it was Comino who left his marks on Zorro’s face and chest but that didn’t stop Zorro from also inflicting a lot of damage to Comino’s shoulders who took a number of months to recover from that roll. At the end it was Zorro who was left with the worst part of the roll but even still he ran his scratches even as he was passing out. When he was put into his kennel after the roll Zorro would not stop biting at the metal door or barking due to his frustration of not being able to finish his battle.
Upon seeing Zorro’s face Jose tells Isaac to take him out of his kennel and stitch up his face since it was his idea to roll him. The next day Jose tells his cousin Isaac that he should put Zorro to sleep since he was in very bad shape after that roll, which surprised Isaac a lot and he didn’t pay any attention to what was told to him.

In his yard Jose has a new acquisition named Stu Fowler who came with a letter of presentation as being a “killer” but to satisfy his curiosity of what Zorro could do they decide to roll them and in just 4 minutes Stu Fowler was trying to show his gameness but could not even stand on his legs. That day Jose understood that what he had in his patio was an animal that could write his own history in the shows. In this way everyone always questioned Jose about how he could have a stud dog that had never even been matched, which bothered Jose a lot.

After a lot of insistance Jose decides to hook into Mr. Raul Garza of Saltillo, Coahuila, which would take place in Monterrey with a weight of 19.5 kg. Jose was conscious of the fact that it would only be a match to show that Zorro was worthy of being bred.

20 minutes was all that Zorro with his missing cutters gave to Mr. Garza’s dog, breaking both his shoulders and ending up in his kidneys. The other dog showed deep gameness trying to scratch and dragging himself forward about 3 feet. Around 30 min. after the match that game dog ceased to exist.

The next day back in his yard Jose bred Zorro without any luck. 4 days later he receives a call from Alfred of Evolution Kennels comenting that he had hooked a dog for a match but that the dog had gotten sick and would not be at his best for that show. Jose tells Alfred to get Zorro ready since the weight he had hooked was right on Zorro’s weight. Zorro arrived in great condition for that show in which he would face Zapato 2xw of Cuajimalpa Kennels, who had made a name for himself as a destroyer who concentrated on the face of his opponents.

When the dogs were released, Zapato who had very high ability bit Zorro on the nose and at that moment Jose didn’t know what to do since Zorro was known to go down below a lot. At that moment Zorro changes his style and manages to get a hold of Zapato by the nose also and throws him down taking advantage of his position to go into Zapato’s throat and give him a shaking that started Zapato’s loss. After that hold Zorro was the boss of the pit, in the nose, the chest, the styfles even on the ear, Zorro was mopping the pit with with the dog, which led him to win the trophy for Best in Show out of a 28 card show that took place.

Back in Piedras Negras after 10 days of well deserved rest another match was made for Zorro, this time it would be in Laredo. In that keep Zorro suffered a number of set backs and with only 3 weeks to go before his show he is bitten by a snake which consequently inflamed his chest and shoulder.

Antibiotics and vitamins was the order of the day to try and fight off the snake bite Zorro had received. On the day of the match there were some small scars and after effects which made Jose think about paying forfeit but his dedication to a comitment and his pasion for seeing Zorro match overcame any doubts. As was expected during the match Zorro’s temperature was increasing fast but some good work in the corner between scratches refreshing him and bringing his temperature down was done. The other dog had an incredible temperament as well as being a very hard nose dog, he was also smart because he controled that match and would get in hard into the shoulders every time he found an opening. Something curious about this encounter was that Zorro’s opponent during the match in a moment of carelesness bit Jose. After that bite Jose had received Zorro took charge of destroying that dog in the pit so that after 38 minutes the dog stood the line and 30 minutes later he ceased to exist.

Currently Jose Moreno “Joyero” and Ch Zorro can be found in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Zorro is enjoying a well deserved life as a stud dog. He was baptised with the name Zorro because of his mask that looked like the mask that the Zorro used in the movie. The kennel is known as Joyeros Kennels and today has fused with Alfred of Evolution Kennels to form Blackrocks Kennels.

As a side note the nickname of Joyero (Jeweler) was given because of Jose’s fathers profession as a buyer and seller of jewelry.

What will remain a mystery now is what would have happened if Zorro had his 4 cutters and not only 2 with which he made his carreer.

With great pride Jose comments that all the work that was done with Zorro as well as all the other dogs he dedicates to his father and to his sister Maria Fernanda Moreno Hernandez, “la nana” as she was known among the family, may they rest in peace.