Grand Champion Osiris was born on the 31st of December, 2009 from a litter of four male pups sired by Gr Ch Croata and out of CAPITAL KENNELS’ Locka Jr, a deep game female that – after giving birth to this litter – unfortunately passed away after winning over KILLER COMBINE’s BLACK RAIN. Osiris was red hot from an early age – the dominant male of the litter – It is no wonder that he was our pick of the litter.Osiris’ first roll took place at the young age of 12 months against an Iceday dog. Osiris stopped him in just a few minutes showing a lot of intensity and determination.His second roll was against a black dog bred down from Angus, a one time winner with a pedigree of Jeep/Rascal on the top and Mayday on the bottom.






Now, this dog was a really tough chest dog but Osiris took care of him in a convincing manner. For Osiris’ third roll we traveled 8 hours by car to face a really tough Mayday/ Carver cross but it was really worth the effort, since Osiris showed to be a game dog, going back and forth with this one. For his final roll Osiris faced a brother of the Mayday/Carver dog but this time he was the top dog from the beginning to the end, finishing his opponent in the square. It became obvious that the time had come to enter the big league…


For his first outing Osiris was hooked at 49 lbs. – two pounds under Osiris’ ideal weight – into Anikia Kennels King, a dog heavy in Mayday/Carver blood, double bred
on Southern Kennels’ Clyde, GR CH Croata’s grand-dam. On the day of the show Osiris looked way too weak and underweight while King looked very strong and sharp,
right out of the box, but there wasn’t really much we could do…so it was on! Osiris came out like never before trying to punish his opponent chest while King was working
the head and face, at 1:00 Osiris was down with a pretty beat up head , but he eventually switched his style and started controlling King, then switched to the throat
and started TO work. A turn was called and at 1:20 and the scratching started. 15 scratches were completed by each before King stood the line at 1:40 with Osiris scratching like a freight train to win his first, showing everyone how deep game he is.


For his second, Osiris was hooked into Ranger Kennels’ Stefo a Frisco/Mayday bred dog. This one was hooked at 54 pounds, 2 above Osiris’ ideal pitweight. We were at our home and right on weight. Osiris came out controlling his opponent by the ear and Stefo wasn’t even able to touch him. At 30 minutes Osiris started to finish him. At 40
minutes Stefo a down dog and Osiris was putting him out by the neck. His owner made the right decision to pick him up on time. Stefo completed his courtesy scratch and Osiris, once again, scratched like a bullet.


Osiris was hooked for this one against Gladiadores Kennels’ Yago from Peru in a convention organized by Destroyer Kennels. Yago was a really tough and game Redboy/Jocko dog weighting 52 pounds. Osiris was on his ideal weight for the first time. We drove 28 hours for this one, and Osiris looked phenomenal. The trip did not affected him at all. Both dogs dead on weight and show was on. Osiris came out fast and as usually he was in defensive mode, controlling Yago by the ear. Yago was able a few times to get Osiris’ chest and managed to do some minor damage. Osiris did not let him stay there for much. At 37 Yago was running hot and Osiris went straight to the neck to start finishing off. At 55 Osiris shuts Yago’s pipes off leaving him unconscious. It was too late. Once flied across the box like a rocket to earn his Championship and his first Best In Show Trophy!


We were called out by HCR kennels with his 2xw, 1xgl Dave dog who beat two good dogs in Mexico in the hands of Blackrocks and one in Peru, showing a good mouth and
game. We hooked Osiris at 52 pounds and once again we traveled to Lima to the International Convention organized by Vendetta Kennels. The show did not started on
time, we had many inconveniences with the other party and they were trying to delay the show as much as they could. SEVEN hours later they finally agreed to pay the
forfeit for not showing up on time. Osiris was one pound underweight and Dave was dead on 52. Osiris came out, as always, controlling his opponent by the ear, shaking it really hard. Dave tried to swap it out but he has no chance against a pit artist. Around the 30 minute mark Osiris went straight to the neck. Dave had no chance and Osiris went on to finish him off. The other party conceded the fight at 39. Dave completed a game scratch. Osiris earned his second Best In Show that night!


We were called out again, this time by the well known Joyero of Blackrocks Kennels from Mexico for the International Convention held in Ecuador. Osiris was hooked
at 52 and on the day of the show both dogs were sharp on the weight. We entered the pit against Caterpillar, a son of the renowned CH Comino and GR CH Candy. Osiris
as usual was controlling Cat but this time Cat was able to get in the chest and stifles few times. Osiris did not let him stay there much and started to control the fight more
and more and was able to do his finishing move deep in the trachea, causing a huge hematoma on Cat. At 28 minutes Blackrocks concede the fight making Osiris a Grand
Champion. Osiris was in-controllable in his corner showing he is a complete package, good, intelligent fighter and finisher as well! Osiris has shown in all his matches to be a complete pitdog. He by far has been the most intelligent animal I had the pleasure to handle inside the square. A once in a life time dog. Grand Champion Osiris is now retired as a stud dog and so far we have seen a lot of greatness passed on in his offspring! He will live the good life as a family pet in our home. We want to thank to all the people involved in this special achievement, G.O. for his complete support, he made a dream come true: Grand Champion Osiris.

(From the December 2015 SDJ)