When the daughter of Arce’s SCUD and Arce’s Miss Kim, GEK’s STAR, came to heat, she was bred to CH. GEK’s GOKU by Danny and Wally of GEK via artificial insemination. CH. GOKU was out of the TAB ROM dog Arce’s INDIAN ROCK POR and the Tant-bred Arce’s SHE-RA POR. From this breeding came two males and two females. However, only one male and one female lived to eventually make a name for themselves: GEK’ GOHAN 1XW and CH. GEK’s BONNET.

Growing up, BONNET was quite silent and shy. But by twelve months she started acting up- prompting DANNY GEK to roll her with a much larger dog, wherein she showed potential. This roll was followed by five others before Danny opened her weight at thirty-one pounds and Millennium Kennels took the challenge with their GREASE 1xW.

Knowing they were going against a hard-biting winner, DANNY and the rest of GEK cut no slack in getting his dog into shape. BONNET took the keep well and came all grit and muscle on the match date.

Upon release, GREASE came in hot and heavy, prompting BONNET to take defense. Danny became apprehensive that his dog’s first time out might not go his way. Come the ten minute mark, all of his apprehension went away when BONNET took offense with a good hold on GREASE’s front end and worked her way up to the armpit and eventually to the stifle. It was all BONNET from there. At 0:48 Grease stood the line and BONNET went home a 1xW.

For her second match, BONNET went against CMK’s black and white dog called HELGA at the contracted weight of 31.5 lbs. HELGA was rough and ready, but she was outclassed by BONNET. After the first scratching, BONNET popped a bleeder on HELGA’s armpit and it was not long after when BONNET took the win in 0:32.

For her championship bid, BONNET was contracted to go against GPK’s CHEETAH 1xw at 31 lbs. CHEETAH seemed to have the crowd at her favor when the match began. She came in ready for war. The crowed rooted for CHEETAH when she went for BONNET’s stifle, but BONNET was no push over. In an instant, both dog had each other’s stifle and a swapping of holds in between vicious shakes ensued. When CHEETAH saw that BONNET was better than her at the stifles, she tried to change tactics. Still BONNET was relentless, forcing her opponent into a corner until she cried in agony as BONNET worked on her neck, chest then stifles. CHEETAH was picked up after thirty-two minutes. Much like her previous matches, and BONNET was declared a champion just a little after the half hour mark.

Notable offspring off CH. GEK’s BONNET include GEK’s Snatch 2xw and his littermate Djanggo who won an OTC match in Indonesia. Both of them came from the same litter sired by CH Ren Ren’s DARE DEVIL 4xW, 1xL.

“The contents herein are purely fictional and are for entertainment purposes only.”