CH. MHK’s Rampart 4xW 1GL

CH MHK’s Rampart 4xW 1GL


N of MHK acquired a four month old male red pup with white markings from one of the notable breeders in the RP, JS. The said pup was a blend of Tito’s Chulo (from the Tito and the Local Boys fame) crossed to JS’s Bagyo lines on top and on the bottom was a Dubai-bred Mayday blood mixed with Bagyo. The pup was given the name RAMPART and began his schooling at the tender age of 11 months.

His first bump was against a son of GRCH Southernmen’s Cuba 6xW called Chupacabra. Upon release, Chupacabra went for the shoulder while Rampart was still unaware of what the hell was happening. It took a few moments before Rampart retaliated as his shoulder began bleeding. He went for a choke hold and pinned Chupacabra then gave a vicious shake. Chupacabra then belted out his favorite Videoke hit “Aray Aray Naku” and the two dogs were parted. Two weeks later, both dogs were again rolled and Chupacabra could barely hold his own.

Rampart’s second roll was against a bigger dog from FSK called Glock. The FSK dog proved to be a head dog and should probably be credited for schooling Rampart on how to handle such fighting style. Rampart eventually managed to out handle Glock despite the disparity in size and prove that he was box potential. Two months later, Rampart and Glock were rolled again and Rampart showed much improvement, showing that he was ready for his box debut.

N then decided to roll Rampart one more time before campaigning him and it was FSK’s Cuki who was ready for him. Rampart bit so hard it left a gaping hole on Cuki’s chest, the roll had to be stopped.

Rampart’s weight was opened at 35.75 lbs and Ryan RAK answered the challenge with a dog of CH RAK’s Hydro 4xW called Odin. Rampart was sent to Carlo Gator of HTK to be whipped into shape and Carlo did just that as Rampart made weight looking every bit of the pit warrior that he was.

Upon release, Rampart was able to get a muzzle hold and tried to work for a choke hold but his black opponent was no push over. Odin rode the ear for defense, but Rampart was relentless. Odin tried to change tactics by going for the front end, but Rampart snaked his way out and continued working for a choke hold. By the seventh minute mark, Odin was finally able to grab Rampart’s rear end while the latter took the shoulder. Both dogs were vigorously shaking from the carpet. It took several minutes before both dogs were back up on their feet and neither one was willing to give up an inch. By the ten minute mark, Rampart was getting ahead. Five minutes later, Rampart had Odin by the front end and the black dog was back pedaling if not being pushed to a sitting position. Odin tried to get Rampart off by working on the muzzle, but the red dog was persistent. He gain shifted tactics by riding the ear then worked his way back for a chokehold. Twenty minutes into the game, with Odin as the down dog, Rampart showed no signs of slowing. Even when Odin managed to get back up, Rampart would still not let go of his jaw.

At 24:20, Rampart again dragged Odin down and mopped the floor with his opponent. Odin could barely stand up. By the half hour mark, everything had already gone south for the black dog. It was all Rampart from then on. The first out-f hold count was completed five minutes later. Odin made a stumbling scratch and barely completed it before Rampart was on him again. It would have been a good time to pick Odin up, but his handlers were banking on gameness for a come from behind victory. By 0:37, a quick handle was made and Rampart rocketed from his corner. Odin could barely take much more. Odin made another stumbling scratch before finally collapsing, unable to beat the count. Rampart was a 1xW at 0:39 minutes at 22 months old.

Bildresultat för CH. MHK’s Rampart 4xW

Because of N’s personal reasons, Rampart was not opened for a year. But when he was finally opened at 36.5 lbs, again RAK took the challenge with their dog called Striker. Striker was a 1xW, earning his first laurel against Southernmen’s Miguel. RAK was clearly looking for payback and they had their hopes pinned on their Carver/Eli bred winner.

It was war from the get go, both dogs pushing for dominance. Then Rampart took control with a choke hold. Striker tried to neutralize by going for a chest hold, but Rampart boxed him out. When it was Rampart who got to bury himself against the opponent’s chest, Striker was on defense with an ear hold. At the five minute mark, both dogs were still swapping it out, but Rampart was gaining ahead. Perhaps it paid to had somebody with a loud rasping voice cheering RRRRRAAAMMMPPPAAAARRRTTTT, AYYYAAANNN NNAAA and RRRAAAMMMPAPAPAPART from the sidelines.

Striker tried retaliate with a choke hold of his own, however Rampart played smart by ear hold defenses before switching to a chokehold of his own. Twelve minutes into the match, things started to go downhill for the RAK dog. Rampart would pin him down, and Striker would try to get back up, yet Rampart was all over him. Rampart managed a good stifle hold and switched back to a chokehold when Striker tried getting back up. It was the Odin match all over again. By 0:20, Striker could barely keep up. At 0:25, Striker was the down dog. It would have been best to pick him up by then, but how knew what his handler had in mind. At the half hour mark, Striker had been reduced to a rag doll and his handler still would not pick up. The first out of hold count was completed at 0:39. When Striker was brought to his corner, he could not even stand, thus Rampart was declared a 2xW. Like Odin, Striker died after the match.

Half a year later, Rampart was slated to go against CH _______’s Virus for his championship match. Initial agreements had been made by both camps, but to MHK’s surprise, they were eventually informed that Virus would go against CH _______’s Sato (a dog who eventually became a grand champion in Kuwait. MHK had to look for another opponent to go into and it was MBK who took the challenge with their dog called Bulik. Bulik was off an impoted Buck strain crossed to Fox blood.

Upon release, Bulik drew first blood and started to dictate the pace. But Rampart was no push over as he stayed on hold and refused to be dominated. He got Bulik by the chest and Bulik got him with an ear hold. Rampart tried to bring Bulik down on the carpet early on, but he was able to get back up and maintain hold. From an ear hold, Bulik would work for a muzzle hold while Rampart kept the pressure by throat or chest hold. This dance continued for ten minutes until Rampart managed to maneuver Bulik against the wall and clamp deeper into the chest of his opponent. Bulik eventually managed to get out of the said hold to ride Rampart by the muzzle, but Rampart kept pushing, now clearly dictating the pace. Rampart slowly pushed Bulik to a corner then dominated him once more by punishing the chest and throat area. But Bulik showed heart by getting back up for another head hold. But Rampart worked him back to the corner and did the same time with the same vigor.

Again, Bulik was able worm his way out, but it was clear his drive was ebbing away as his tail was now down as he tried to go on defensive mode. For the third time, Rampart drove him back to the same corner and bit harder. Still, Bulik managed to get out and bring the fight to the center of the pit but he was eventually on his back by 0:21.

By then, all the fight had gone out of Bulik. When Rampart drove him back to the abovementioned corner, Bulik had enough and ran away to jump pit- automatically making Rampart a champion.

After some time, Rampart was contracted to go against Carebears. MHK knew that they might be up against a very tough dog who had won matches abroad, Ch. Carebear’s Optimus Prime. And true enough, they were against the said champion. But eighteen minutes into the match, the game was interrupted by a R..D which sent everyone running however which way.

There was much talk after the fight was interrupted, many saying that had the match gone thru, Optimus would have bagged another win. This prompted the MHK camp to schedule another match up between the two warriors at 37 lbs.

On the match day, Rampart had Optimus by the shoulders upon release. But Optimus managed a shoulder hold of his own and shook like there was no tomorrow. Rampart managed to get out of the hold while maintaining his own hold but Optimus got him by the stifle. When Rampart tried for a choke hold, Optimus got him by the muzzle and shook. Optimus would not let go and drove Rampart across the carpet by the muzzle. When Rampart got out of that hold, Optimus went for his front end but Rampart side stepped, so Optimus took him by the ear. When Rampart tried for another shoulder hold, Optimus managed to duck down and grab another stifle hold. But Rampart eventually got a shoulder hold and push his way out of trouble. Again, Optimus took him by the snout and drove him around the carpet. Finally Rampart got his favorite hold which got Optimus back-pedaling. But Optimus was a champion, not one to be taken lightly. He got Rampart by the front end and clamped there even if Rampart had him by the shoulder.

Rampart must have hell of a mouth because eventually Optimus had to let go and tried to work the head for defense as Rampart stayed in the same sweet spot. Still, Optimus fought back and the dance was on again. This dance continued until the half hour mark, with Optimus slowly showing signs of feeling the punishment. Rampart mostly had Optimus on his back and Optimus would try to get back up, only to be driven down again. Optimus managed to swap from muzzle hold to the front end as the match clocked 0:40, but Rampart was relentless in his assault. By 0:55, Optimus was having difficulty getting back up while Rampart continued with his punishment undeterred. By the hour mark, Optimus was done for and Rampart was now a 4xW.

For his grand championship bid, the MHK camp had tried to hook their dog against GRCH ______’s Sato, to no avail. Much had also been said why this match never happened. But even if the match never happens/happened, it could not be taken away that CH MHK’s RAMPART 4xW is helluva bulldawg.

And finally he was hooked with the dog named Spartacus 2xW at 37.5lbs. He is the son of Optimus who was beaten before by CH. Rampart. I was wondering and waiting for the result of the show on that day, and then Kayat and CG they brought out the result into their post!

Then after they posted “Congrats to CH. Spartacus” I sent messaged to Mr. N and it was confirmed. I thought about the fight and the interview of JAMES CRENSHAW between Ch. Jeep vs Ch. Homer and he told to Ralph Greenwood of American Gamedog Times “THE GAMEST DOG LOST” I did said the same thing “THE GAMEST DOG LOST” and everyone who interviewed and witnessed the show, they all said CH. RAMPART is DEEP GAME.

“The contents herein are purely fictional and are for entertainment purposes only.”