CH. NO MERCY’s ROSEBUD. Road to the championship!

September 11, 2017

CH. NO MERCY’s ROSEBUD. The road to the championship!

On September 18, 2004 No Mercy with her black dog named ROSEBUD fought Nasty’s CHANCE the contracted matched weight is 36 lbs. CHANCE was off Nasty’s SATUR 5xW 2xL a direct son of Underdog’s GR. CH. POGI ROM. ROSEBUD fought from behind till thirty minutes and CHANCE on the drive from the start with good defense and has the ability. After five minutes ROSEBUD moved slightly ahead but on the forty minutes marked ROSEBUD heats up and down dog and the count for an out of holds began. ROSEBUD first to scratched and made it like a bullet and started having her way with CHANCE, punishing her with in stifle and neck holds and shakes. CHANCE’s handler had a chance for quick handled but CHANCE stood the line at fifty minutes. ROSEBUD declared as 1xW.

After a year, It was December 17, 2005 when ROSEBUD got hooked to CBK’s JABOOM a red brindle dog, rangier and got a good stifle hold at the first buckle and shaking good as no way tomorrow. ROSEBUD breaks the hold by biting hard on the side of the neck of JABOOM. At seven minutes ROSEBUD was began to control the game ahead and JABOOM a down dog and ROSEBUD at her throat, shifting to the stifle and shaking it hard like a crazy. JABOOM started singing or weeping in pain until when fifteen minutes came and she was doing nothing else and JABOOM singing continued. CBK, being a gentleman, a good dogman, they picked up her. And JABOOM made her courtesy scratched.

Again, On March 10, 2007 No Mercy’s ROSEBUD gettin’ out versus a 2xW opponent the DONNEL’s SHOCKY. SHOCKY a dirty buckskin, well known 2xW that time in her weight at its best 37.5 lbs. ROSEBUD weighed in at 35.6 lbs. and SHOCKY weighed in at 37.1 lbs. ROSEBUD fighting a pound and a half uphill.

Still, betting odds outside the pit were in ROSEBUD favor. As the dogs collided in the middle, ROSEBUD immediately got SHOCKY’s throat and slams to the carpet hard, shaking hard and biting hard like a bad mother. ROSEBUD was clearly the much faster and stronger dog between the two titled 2x Winners. SHOCKY never had a chance from the start. At seven minutes SHOCKY known also for being slow but hard mouthed fighter who killed both her previous opponents started to sing a little bit of a high pitched song in pain. At nine minutes marked SHOCKY was down and weeping while ROSEBUD continued punishing her on the throat. SHOCKY turns and tried to get away from ROSEBUD but ROSE’ won’t let her, slams and finishing her off with her signature style a throat hard shake. DONNEL’s camp picked up SHOCKY 2xW at nineteen minutes to save her and made a courtesy. ROSEBUD proclaimed a CHAMPION, the NO MERCY’s ROSEBUD 3xW!

Famous dogs of the past. Legendary warriors, they’ve lived and died, but still live on in the minds of thousands. -SDJ PH

“We do not promote or condone animal cruelty. The contents herein are purely fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Any similarities to any events, places or persons are purely coincidental”