The first winner off Arce’s Junior was CH. PUK’s BINOE 3xW,1xL. He came from the breeding efforts of the legendary Noel EBK when he bred the littermate of his POLLACK dog, BARRY to the said dog off the Goodson strain.

It was unclear as to who raised BINOE from puppyhood to adulthood as he was already two years old when PUK came to possession of the said dog from R.A., a friend of Carlo GATOR (who in turn was a friend of Noel EBK and probably the authority to ask where the EBK dogs ended up when the said local legend passed away sometime in 2007). The boys from PUK were actually hesitant to purchase the black dog as he only had three fangs when they came to R.A.’s yard and his pads were likewise busted. At first glance he seemed only capable of attacking a bowl of dog food and nothing else. But his demeanor changed and the devil in him was awoken when he was made to face Ch. HTK’s RASTAH 3xW, 1xL. This got the PUK boys convinced and bought the dog.

PUK was informed that Noel EBK had already gametested BINOE and he was ripe for the box. Since they were not provided the details of the said gametest, PUK decided to match BINOE off the chain. There was little trouble getting a match, however the boys from RTK saved the day and matched their BAKI dog with BINOE. The said OTC match lasted fifty-six minutes before the RTK dog stood the line and give BINOE his first unofficial win.

A month later, PUK the opened BINOE’s weight at 37.5 for his first sanctioned match and found a willing opponent with WTK’s Rudy II. Three months later on the match day itself, WTK called to inform PUK that they would be paying forfeit because of some un-eventualities. Two weeks later, PUK got a call from Gapo Boys who were looking for an OTC match at 38m. PUK tried to negotiate for a sanctioned private match, but as fate would have it , it still pushed through as an OTC match.

Like his first OTC match, BINOE screamed in fury the moment he stepped into the box and saw his opponent called ASKAL. He wanted to break free of his handler’s hold and he was given leave, it was war. Both dogs showed talent at the get go. However at the half hour mark, ASKAL turned. After the count down was completed, both dogs showed good scratches and willingness to continue. When ASKAL went for his second scratch, despite his obvious willingness that proved his heart was still in the game, he was already spent and was unable to complete the scratch. BINOE won his second OTC match in 35 minutes.

On the last quarter of 2006, BINOE was finally hooked for a sanctioned match with Amores Perros’ MILO at 37m. BINOE took the keep well and made weight easy. Probably the same could be said for MILO as he likewise made weight and looked ready to tussle. Again BINOE was screaming like crazy when he got into the box and saw his buck skinned opponent. BINOE managed to get a good face hold at the initial clash, MILO buried himself at BINOE’ chest while the latter was all over his face. BINOE stayed there whenever he could until he eventually frustrated his opponent. BINOE then changed tactics by going for MILO’s back end. He was able to take MILO both by the other dog’s gut and stifle. Whenever MILO tried to retaliate, BINOE would go for his face and further frustrate him.

The first out of hold count was only completed after 50 minutes with MILO as the down dog. MILO made his first scratch straight and true. But BINOE met him in the middle of the box and it was on again. BINOE continued his punishment and MILO could do very little to stay out of trouble. When it was BINOE’s turn to scratch, he looked as if he hardly broke a sweat and did what he had done before just as effectively. MILO again made his scratch despite going wobbly. And before he could complete it, BINOE was all over him again. After the quick handle and the mandatory counting, BINOE went out of his corner with bad intentions. More pain followed for MILO. MILO stood the line at 1:02 and gave BINOE his first official win.

Three weeks after the fight, PUK got a call from Southernmen and BINOE was set for his second sanctioned match at 37.5 WWG.Two days before the fight, BINOE’s weight dropped to 34.75 and PUK was thinking of paying the forfeit if his weight does not climb two pounds. BINOE his the scales at 36 plus by four a.m. and the match was still on.

BINOE was not his usual screaming self when he stepped inside the box. His opponent was no less than Southermen’s Gonan 2xW, looking to bag his championship and was the crowd favorite ten to nine.

GONAN took early control and BINOE did what he can to go toe to toe. However GONAN was one tough customer and the game was his for forty minutes. GONAN dished as much punishment as he can and left BINOE howling in pain. The crowd was for GONAN and bets went as high as doblado.

Finally BINOE got his second wind and finally began swapping holds with the BAGYO dog. BINOE then worked on GONAN’s chest, shoulder and face while GONAN kept coming for the backend. Five minutes later, the crowd was hushed when GONAN yelped in pain and BINOE still kept coming. It was PUK’s camp who were jubilant.

The thirty second out of hold count was completed and GONAN made his first scratch despite having trouble stepping with his front leg. The tides were in favor of BINOE this time around and he was dominating GONAN in every possible way. BINOE shot out of his corner on his turn to scratch with a resolve to let GONAN meet his maker and did what he can to achieve this end.

After a quick handle, GONAN showed the heart of a true bull dog that would make any dogman proud on his turn to scratch. The BAGYO dog’s legs gave underneath him as they were broken, but GONAN pushed on still by crawling to get to his opponent. Despite GONAN’s best efforts he was counted out and BINOE was a 2xW at 1:11.

BINOE’s championship match would have been against a champion from the M16 camp, but Gary M16 paid forfeit because his dog got into a kennel accident. A month later, PUK was able to hook up with LPC and VELCRO’s AMOS 1xW at 38.5m.

BINOE was once again his usual self when he stepped into the box on the match day, screaming like crazy with kill on his mind. AMOS drew first blood by taking BINOE’s front end and BINOE played defense by going for the face. This went for half an hour before BINOE took control by punishing AMOS’ front half. The out of hold count was only completed ten minutes before the match hitting the first hour.

AMOS completed his scratch. BINOE continued his domination. Eight long minutes later, AMOS could barely stand on his corner and BINOE became a champion.

PUK and BINOE’s fighting days did not stop there. After settling a few misunderstandings, RAK and PUK agreed to go head to head with their dogs. BINOE was slated to go against BULOY who was gunning for his championship match.

On the match day, BINOE came in a pound and a half higher than the contracted 38m. PUK offered to pay the forfeit then go on with the match and RAK consented.

BINOE had kill on his mind and so was BULOY. Both dogs could not wait to get at each other and it was war when they did. BINOE went for his favorite face hold and BULOY went for the shoulders. But it was not BINOE’s day as BULOY proved to be the better athlete that day. BINOE refused to make his third scratch at 1:20 and BULOY bagged his championship.

“The contents herein are purely fictional and are for entertainment purposes only.”