Buloy was the only male in the litter of three off RAK’s BALDOG BIS 1XW 1XL and RAK’s GRETA. The red-nosed buckskin pup was RAK’s pick since it reminded them so much of his sire and he grew up spoiled inside the residence of Ryan RAK. First called YODA, the said pup looked a little out of proportion with a body far too elongated and a belly carried low. But despite his ungainly appearance, YODA was the strongest pup in the household. He was able to drag and even run with a five kilo chain whil the other dog’s in the yard could barely lift it. This trait mad him even more endearing to Ryan and thus he never saw the inside of a cage but was kept inside the house like pet.

As YODA was growing up, his appearance and demeanor became more ungainly as his snout elongated and his belly became bigger. And when he walked, he seemed as though he would stumble. But Ryan was too seasoned a dogman to know that the sport was not about how a dog looks but what he can do in the pit so he kept YODA and waited till he was sixteen months old before starting his schooling.

YODA was first rolled against a dog called GRANDE. The son of BALDOG showed no promise at first since all he did was yowl and growl as his opponent bowled him over and over. But a few minutes later when YODA realized that the other dog was not playing around, he went for a neck hold and stayed there for a solid ten minutes. YODA would have stayed buried in GRANDE’s neck had it not been that both parties decided that GRANDE has had enough and would not last any longer. The gaping wound on GRANDE’s neck was too big and swollen that the dog died three days later.

Ryan couldn’t be happier with YODA. In his own words he said “Napakain ko tuloy siya ng masarap na pagkain sa bahay” (I was so overjoyed I immediately gave him a sumptuous meal).

A month later, YODA was rolled for the second time. Again, at the get go, the way YODA acted was nothing special and would have been unimpressive to the eyes of many. He always turned away from his opponent and his back was always arched. He showed the same thing. YODA acted pretty much the same in his next two rolls and Ryan was getting impatient with him.

Ryan was advised by another dogman that not all dogs are meant to be kept. In other words, cull those that do not make the grade. So the very next day, Ryan took all his dogs out to pit them against one another and decide which to keep and which to bury in the fresh graves he and his friends had just dug. They decided to try the dogs which they think would not make the cut first. They began with YODA and a dog off Southernmen’s DANIEL 2XW 1XL. The dog off DANIEL drew first blood and it seemed like he was about to put YODA away when YODA retaliated with a solid chest hold. After a few vicious shakes, he went for the neck and stayed there for half an hour. Ryan and company saw no reason to stop the fight since they were separating bulldogs from curs and thus when YODA finally let go, his opponent was good as dead. Still, Ryan was unimpressed and with out giving YODA a breather, he brought in the BALDOG himself, his very own sire to finally write YODA off as another memory. The two dogs went at each other for almost an hour with YODA taking much of the punishment. But whenever the two dogs were parted, YODA would not hesitate to scratch back and continue. Because of this, Ryan thought YODA might be worth a shot and decided to save him from the culling.

A few weeks later, when Ryan’s friend MICHAEL decided to get into the dog game, Ryan gave him YODA as a gift. Michael renamed him BULOY and again kept him inside the house as though the dog was another pet.

It was not long when BULOY was first contracted for his first official match at Gamedog Philippines against a dog called MIO owned by Alex. As with the start of all of BULOY’s rolls, he was at the receiving end of the punishment. MIO pounded the life out of BULOY over and over with vicious holds and mean shakes it seemed as though MIO would put the RAK dog away. However, MIO began to tire and BULOY took the opportunity to show his opponent his own brand of punishment. BULOY buried himself on MIO’s muzzle and worked his way to MIO’s eyes. Blood sprung like a leaky faucet from BULOYS eyes and the other dog was blinded. It was then that BULOY began to prove that Ryan did not make the mistake of not culling him by showing the ability and the bite he had not showed before. MIO tried to soldier on despite the beating. It took both dogs seven scratches each before BULOY was declared a 1XW.

For his second match, BULOY 1XW was contracted to go against SPK’s BRUGER. BULOY was first given to Marjun of RAK to whip the dog into shape. But because of BULOY’s unlikable appearance and uncooperativeness, Marjun gave up on him and the tasked was delegated to Carlo- another member of RAK who was yet to step inside the box with a match dog. Unlike Marjun, Carlo worked with BULOY patiently until the dog was in shape.

The boys from RAK fondly recalls BULOY’s second match as a comedy of sorts since it was Carlo’s first time to handle a dog and the referee JAY LONGHAIR was at his wits end. It was a miracle that Carlo and BULOY were not fouled out.

The said match lasted for an hour and thirteen minutes before BRUGER took the count and BULOY was a 2XW.

A few months later CH PUK’s BINOE was opened at 38.5 and RAK wanted to challenge them at 39 with their BRAVO 1XW. But the PUK camp was firm at 38.5 and the negotiations between both camps went sour. RAK then asked the officials of GP to negotiate on their behalf with RAK’s BULOY at 38.5 and finally the match was set on June 19, 2010.

BINOE came in at 39.4 and his owners asked that they be allowed to half the forfeit fee and then just go on with the match so that all the time and energy spent for the match would not go to waste. RAK readily agreed and it was game on.

The champ was the aggressor at the start of the match with BULOY trying his best to stay out of trouble. BULOY went for a muzzle hold and stayed there. Then without warning, BULOY let go and dove in for BINOE’s belly and shook like mad. The boys from RAK were surprised since BULOY had never done this before.

BINOE was not to be bested that easily. He went to swap holds with the challenger. BULOY then changed tactics and diverted from shoulder holds to a stifle hold unlit finally BINOE cried out in pain. The crowd went wild.

It was downhill for BINOE at that point as BULOY continued break both his body and spirit. Several scratches later, BINOE was done for and BULOY was crowned a champion.

“The contents herein are purely fictional and are for entertainment purposes only”