Rolling Hill’s Champion Taz was born on April 11, 1988 and was purchased at the age of 6 weeks from his breeder Fat Bill Taz was bred out of some very outstanding dogs. His sire Fat Bill’s Stomper who was a 2x winner double bred off of Crenshaw’s Ch Rascal . Stomper was a very game dog, going over the hour mark several times. His Dam, Fat Bill’s Chance was a cold dog but a good producer.Tas was bumped a few timre between 12 months and 22 months he looked good, but nothing special. After his schooling was complete I began to to condition and handle the dog

#1 Taz -vs- Texas Ron’s Blister M 45 1/2 Pocono












Texas Ron was using a dog that was Uselton bred named Blister, he was a fine well built animal that had previously destroyed several dogs. He came in a t 45 1/2, Taz came at 44 1/2. Dogs were washed and then released. Blister goes straight to the right shoulder shaking hard, Taz was on the ear trying to get him off. 5 minute mark, Taz gets the nose, and does allot of damage. Blister then goes to the chest and is biting very hard. For the next 15 minutes it’s Taz on the head and Blister in the chest. 20 minute mark Blister goes back to the right shoulder and breaks it. Taz gets the head and is chewing Blister’s face off. 30 minutes a turn called on Blister. For the next 5 minutes Taz is on the nose and lower jaw. 35 minute mark a handle is made and Blister would not go. The winner: Taz

#2 Taz -vs- Owen’s Jake Johnson M 44 Irish Jerry

Owns using a dog from Irish Jerry’s Jeepers and Rabo Breeding. Jake came at 44 lbs Taz at 43 1/2 lbs. Dogs were released hit hard in the center, wide ass open. Both dogs swapping leg holds shaking each other hard. Taz then gets Jake by the lower jaw then goes to the nose. 15 minute mark Taz throws Jake on his back and goes to the throat and digs in deep shaking and twisting around. Jake starts singing. Jake back to his feet at 20, and a turn called on him. Taz then throws Jake back to the floor working the shoulders, then to the throat, at this point Jake is not moving, Taz is still on the top shaking and trying to finish him off. 36 minutes a handle is made, and Jake don’t go making Taz a 2x winner.

#3 Taz -vs- Tomcat’s Nabob M 43 Bakari

This match was to be into Sills and East Coast Asassins’ Ch Dirty Red. But for reasons unknown never showed up or even paid the forfeit. Anyway, Tomcat was matched in to CH John Wayne, but John had just previously beat Crenshaw’s Bama. So, the owner’s of John Wayne were prepared to pay the forfeit. It was decided that Taz and Nabob would be matched. So here we go. Tomcat purchased Nabab from Carl Mims and was a huge 43 pound dog. Taz came in at 42 1/2. Dogs were released and taz goes straight to the head and mouth while Nabob is still driving to get a hold. Taz slams him into the wall. Taz is working the head most effectively but, at the 20 minute mark Taz heats up and Nabob gets to the head and mouth of Taz punching holes. Nabob throws Taz on his back and grabs an ear Taz goes to the throat, and stays there for the next 5 minutes. Taz then comes to his feet but is still very hot. 30 minute mark a turn called on Taz, but he’s still in hold and he makes it through heat as well s getting chewed up. Taz then throws nabob to the floor working the shoulders and then he goes to the stifles and then back to the head. A handle is made Taz comes across like a bullet hitting Nabob very hard in his corner. A handle is made at the 47 minute mark it’s nabob to go and he’s counted out wandering around the pit. Making Taz a Champion!

Joey Craddock who had bought Taz as a pup from me, never went to any of his matches, nor did he condition or handle the dog. He actually did not have the dog on his yard from the age of 22 months until he was 5 years old. I bred Taz a couple times and the best of those breedings was when I bred my Sapelo bitch to him to get Gr Ch Bo and several other great dogs.

Craddock was blackballed from the dog scene and to this day has no dogs as he was caught with over 2 dozen stolen dogs on his yard from various breeders.