What is gameness? Every dog man has his own definition. One things for sure, gameness is the willingness to go back reguardless of what state or condition the mind or body is in. All the old timers agree, that any dog, reguardless of how game the dog is, can be stretched out to the point where he can’t scratch and once you break the dog’s spirit, you have broke the dog. I have been in the dog buisness since 1985, I have seen some of the best bred dogs to ever look through a collar. Some good, some bad, some game, and some not. I have seen almost everything bred from “Carver” to “Corvino”, but one thing I seen very little of and that is a “Game Dog”…







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I’ve seen, read, and heard of 1x, 2x, and 3x winners having to be picked up in 20 minutes or jumping the wall. Better yet, being picked up in a short time and given gamest in show or dogs that won’t run their first scratch. Some of you are wondering about now, what is this S.O.B. getting too, especially the ones with the above mentioned dogs. Some have been writing and saying, that hard mouth, ruff curs are better than average mouth game dogs. Maybe your right, but the odds are you will never win a real contest against one. Other’s write and talk about game testing and most don’t even school their dogs let alone game testing. Other’s put a bigger, hard mouth, bull on theirs, others even put 2 bulls in a row to game test. Some claim their dog is so rough, that nothing can stay long enough with them to find out if they’re game. When it comes to compition, there “should not” be any excuses, this is what I have learned…..

“This is an attempt to described the qualities and traits that make a game dog what he is” A game dog has no fear of “Man”, nor “Beast “, “Life”, or “death”. Although he has no fear of “Death” he will fight for “Life”, be it his or his master’s. A game dog has no master other than man his closest ally and companion and to man he gives his all. He chooses no other creature but man for this position. His willingness to fight to the death, if he must, is not a lack of intelligence but a deep game inward strength that is difficult to comprehend. A game dog is a beautiful thing to behold. Not always a physical beauty, its much more than that, its an inward beauty.

A game dog has been described many different ways; “Tenacity”, “Having Heart”, “A Strong Will To Survive” and of course just plain “Vicious”, just to name a few!!! But call it what you will, true gameness is a treasure rarer than gold or precious gem. Gameness reaches past the mind,past the heart the soul and nerves, it resides deep into the depths of the spirit. Gameness cannot be seen by looking at the dog’s color or confirmation,it cannot be seen in the shape of his head or the size and strength of his body; nor is it proven by the show of aggresion or the ability to do damage.

Gameness is a quality inherent in some but not in others. Its a quality that when found must be cherished and cared for, it must be preserved for all time, not destroyed as some would have it, out of fear and misunderstanding. Those who would destroy this admirable quality cannot have experienced that deep feeling that touches the very soul when deep gameness is displayed, it is sad but few ever will. Perhaps their disdain is rooted in fear and misconception. But one thing is certain, if these poor, misguided individuals had any understanding of this noble God given quality, they to would be shocked at themselves for ever given thought of the demise of the game dog. So long live gameness and the creatures that possess it and if the care takers of it are even half as game as the dogs they possess, it will live on forever…..

By Cadillac Kennel