Gr.Ch. “Banjo” and Gr.Ch.”BB Red”

“Banjo” and “BB Red” were bred by myself and Joe Hoskins and were whelped in April 1989. The sire was McCool’s “Sack” and the dam was Hoskin’s “Betty Joe”. Joe’s health was bad, so we decided to let this litter go, along with some of Joe’s grown dogs. I had “Banjo” picked for myself and Joe had chosen “BB Red”. We sent “BB Red” to a friend of ours in West Texas as a gift at four months old. A few months later we got a call from our friend who said “Hey man, ya’ll gotta come and get this bitch. She’s done went and killed my next door neighbor’s show poodle”.






So I arranged for her to come back to us with another friend of mine. The trip from West Texas is a long one, and he had other things to do, so it took two days for us to get her back. I have often wondered what would have happened if she had been stolen out of the back of that truck, because it would have been so easy to do. But destiny had a plan for “BB Red”.They both made Champion early, around two years of age. Coy, another Texas dogman bought “Banjo” at six months of age and campaigned both dogs to their Grand Championships. Coy brought them back down to me when “BB Red” and “Banjo” were about fourteen months old. I saw very quickly that these were fast-lane dogs and knew that it would take an Ace to beat either one of them. “BB Red” and “Banjo” were both matched in July 1991. “BB Red” went into a good dogman from West Texas who brought a Carver bitch and a very game one at that. They came in at thirty one pounds and at forty five minutes the West Texas bitch could not make it across and was picked up. Shortly afterwards, “Banjo” went down to South Texas to go into another tough dogman. Weight thirty five pounds and he also won in forty five minutes. “Banjo” was a more defensive minded dog than “BB Red”, but both could bite the legs off a coffee table.

All of “Banjo” and “BB Red”s matches were both into dog’s either one or two-time winners or going for a Championship and a couple were going for their Grand Championships. Always good hard tested bulldogs and top of the line dogmen. Neither “Banjo” or “BB Red” were ever carried past the hour mark.

“Banjo”s Championship came into another two-time winner going for his championship, his name was “Grunt” and came from Oklahoma. In thirty four minutes “Grunt” was dead, no scratches in that match. “BB Red”s Championship came going into a tough bitch named “Gizmo”. “BB Red” got right down to business and at forty three minutes “Gizmo” was dead. Coy was on the biggest roll I’d ever seen a dogman get with these two dogs.

“Banjo”s next match was into Warpaint Kennel’s “Veto”, a four-time winner and considered to be the best thirty six pound male in the US. The forfeit was almost paid on this one, since “Banjo” would get car sick on all his long trips and was throwing up on the day of the match, but he came out anyway and stopped “Veto” in forty five minutes.

“BB Red” made her grand Championship in short order, also in thirty minutes. “BB Red” and “Banjo” were sold for a kings ransom, “Banjo” going out to California and “BB Red” to South Texas to MAD Kennel’s, where she was bred to several males including Gr.Ch.”Andy Capp”, before being matched for her last match at nearly seven years of age. She went into a great gyp named Champion “Flame” owned by a class dogman of the Bellion Club from Mexico. “Flame” was a four-time winner going for her Grand Champonship, but destiny had a plan for “BB Red” and she won easily in thirty four minutes.

That’s what will always stand out in my mind about these two dogs, their ability to beat great dogs so easily, no matter what the conditions and even when they were sick!! This in my own mind is a true “Ace”, to win so easily even when they shouldn’t.

I’ve been in the dogs twenty years and have never seen so much interest in two dogs from so many people. That’s why I think that these two will go down in history as great dogs and will be talked about and sought after for many, many years to come.