History of Tatonka Bloodline

Joanie Winchester was married to Bert Sorrell and worked closely breeding and working with Pit Bulls. After their divorce, she remarried Marcel Winchester and developed the Tatonka pitbull bloodline.Bert took his dogs and bred them to Redboy. Joanie and Marcel bred theirs to Carver, keeping within the desired traits and creating their own line. Many claim the dogs are watered down Sorrells, whereas others find them pure to the line..






tatonka pit bull sorrells uncle bud

The Tatonka bloodline is bred in a family environment, around children, in attempts to create well-rounded, quality dogs. The Tatonka dogs are bred to be athletes, show dogs, catch dogs, protection dogs and everything in-between.

pit bull pull dog

You will find much of the original Sorrell bloodline in the Tatonka line, creating dogs that are lean, muscular and quite sociable.