Interview with Victor Aycart of Southern Kennels

When did you get started with the dogs and how? Well my friend, it is a long story. Just when I was a kid, like ten, eleven, twelve years old, I already liked dog fights. And with a couple of friends in my town, Guayaquil Ecuador, always we try to see which one was the king there, and we make almost all nights road work on our bikes, with our dogs and see if we can find any fight for them. Of course they were Pointers, German Shepherd, Collies, Boxer, Doberman and including some of them non recognized pure breed, mix; but some of them looked good. I remember I saw a fight for thirty-five minutes between the two best dogs in the town; one was no breed, his mom was picked from one of our beaches in Ecuador and she was in heat with many dogs behind her, the other dog looked like a Hunt bred dog..






Anyway, I’m just trying to explain to you how I was a fanatic about dogfighting even when I was a kid. Later on, I don’t do anymore dog fights until I was like twenty-one years old. I met an English gentleman, Mr. Stanley Moss; he had two Staffordshire dogs imported from England. They were Baron and Sussy, when I saw those two dogs they represented exactly what I was looking for in a dog for years. They were compact, strong, electric dogs and they are fighting machines. Of course they fought against nothing but street bred mutt dogs of Salinas, Ecuadorian Beach. Immediately when they had pups I bought two of them; one I male I named Killer and the female Bonnie. I match with those little dogs; they beat all kinds of breeds of dogs, German Shepherds, Dobermans, Etc….. I was the number one fighter in my town, hehehehe, that is what I liked, having the best ones. I was very happy, I enjoyed them for a while but then I had a lot of work and I just had them at my parent’s house. I walked them sometimes but that was it. As they got older I just walked them once a week. When I was around twenty-seven years old I got in my hands a book written by Mr. Richard Stratton, where I saw a big picture of Going Light Barney. He was supposedly a multiple time winner. He wrote great accounts about him and his battles, that opened up my eyes. I said, WOW! These are official matches. There are some people who practice professional dogfights with rules, weights, etc…. From that point, I was anxious about Pit Bulls. Then I got a subscription to a magazine called The Gazette (ADBA) and imported some Pit Bull conformation show dogs into Ecuador. He was line bred on the great Going Light Barney, then we started competing in Ecuador. In a few months we realized they were nothing, no gameness was there. All of them stopped at fifteen, twenty, or maximum thirty minutes; we were very frustrated. Then in 1985 I was thirty years old, I had moved to Miami Florida with my family for business and started my new life there. Then through the same Gazette, I met a person who had good Eli Jr. dogs bred from Grand Champion Nigerino lines. This friend lived in Sacramento California and I lived in Miami. Anyway, we had a good relationship and we were partnership owners of a good dog named Perry and Aycart’s Miss Pacman, then we bred her and he sent me pups. This same friend introduced me to SDJ, that was my big window to the dogs; then I saw many good dogs and bloodlines. For the first time in my life I saw real Champions and Grand Champions like: Havana Boys CH Maggie ROM, Havana Boys GR CH Rodney, half brother to my Mayday, Havana Boys CH budweiser, etc….. Immediately after that, I made contact with the local people through the magazine and started on my direct contacts with a real Pit Bull’s world in the USA.

How did Southern Kennels get started and who are the members of Southern Kennels? Also, who helped you in the game? After I invested a lot of money on dogs of different bloodlines like heavy Bullyson/Eli Jr., Pure Red Boy, Red Boy/Jocko, Snooty and Jeep. I tried all the more important bloodlines on the market, but I could not get good result. I had many fights but too many losses!?!?!? So I thought if we had one hundred well bred dogs at that time, why we can’t get success? I was originally associated with Havana Tito, soon I realized this guy will not go anywhere with dogs. Then I was associated with the Latin Boys, the boss of the two was Latin’s Oscar; a lot better than Havana Tito of course. He conditioned good and he loved the sport, but definitely something was wrong there. We bought good dogs and work hard on conditioning steps, but what really make me separate from that Latin Boys was when we made a Grand Champion ourselves, you said how? Hehehehehe, well, we lost five matches, one behind another one, I was very frustrated. Too many good dogs, too much time and money was involved and we couldn’t get success, only losses and losses. Oscar was a good boy, but not good enough to win.Then after all this long story of bad experiences, I started to look around. Who consistently won matches? I found the record of The Exterminator Kennels, who had won five out of five matches, that was the opposite of Latin Boys’ record, that made me think. Then I started to study who was the boss there, and who is the person who really had to do with the success of the kennel? They were as far as I could tell two partners, Bert and Danny. Danny was the main contributor. They had some kind of disagreement and both of them, after years of working together, parted ways. At that moment I was conditioning my Champion Pretty Girl for her first match and I went to Captain D (Danny) and ask him for his help. He didn’t have a partner then so I believed he would help me with my conditioning program.
I had too many well bred dogs, I had almost two hundred at that time, all I needed was a good conditioner; someone serious, professional, and dedicated. That person was the famous Captain D, but it was a big surprise to me when he told me that he had to request authroization from the person who showed him how to condition dogs. That person was Dr. Pepe from a lab. He got that authorization from his boss, but he needed another person to help us. He mentioned Jose to me and we started to work on Pretty Girl, that was a very important experience for me. This Captain D was really a good conditioner, not only for his knowledge on nutrition, working, etc…. but how he was like a military soldier. He never was five minutes late, he never made excuses or said he couldn’t go on any particular night to work the dogs. He not only showed me conditioning and proper nutrition, but he also shoed me to take the dogs serious. I always remembered him saying that every day you put a little bit more in the dog, a little more thing, a little more that, at the end of the program that every days “little” will make a BIG difference in the box. That showed to be the truth. He was always there at the right time. He was a very strict teacher, rough and tough at times and with strong character; but that was the way he showed me. I learned what I had to do to be a successful Dogman. Always I will be thankful to Captain D. Everybody has good and bad things about Captain D, I have to recognize like the man he was, a great support to Southern Kennels. That will make the difference in the future. We hope we will have much success with all his lessons. We worked together, Captain D, Jose and me for years, but then the hurricane Andrew destroyed our farm and the human society came to our place. After that I had a terrible legal fight with them for like two years. Even thought I won the legal battle, the Captain D didn’t want to condition any other dog in his life. Maybe some day he will return, and if that happens, good competition will come back around the Florida area. He always will be a postitive support to the sport. After that, Jose still worked with me for a while; he was there when I started with Mayday, Dragon Lady, Madonna and Choice, but he left adter a few months. After that I met my good friend Angel. He was a very important key to the future success.
My friend Angel was an expert on nutrition. He showed me what Captain D did not. Remember I said before that he was a rough person. All that he did not mention to me, Angel did. At that moment, with all that valuable information, Mayday and his sisters started to win in fast lane competition. 50% is the dog and 50% is his owner. I can say that because I confirmed it with my own experiences. After that, I was alone for years. I worked my dogs with technical support from my good friend Angel. We later developed a ver close personal friendship. Later I med Pepe from the lab, Captain D’s teacher; he was a very good friend to me too, he gave some good advice. During Mayday’s fourth match Champion Buddah broke his front right leg; my vet said he would never be conditioned again. Within a few days of working his bones would make him feel a lot of pain. During my last two years in the USA I had the privilege of meeting a good friend, Cuban Missing Link. He really supported Southern Kennels. He said to me that Mayday could be conditioned one more time. I said to him, ‘No, that was impossible’. He said that I was crazy if I let him sit there as a 4X winner without trying to make him a Grand Champion. This was already one year after his last contest; he could only walk on three legs. He told me to put him through a pre-keep and if he pulled though we would hook him for his fifth. Missing Link told me in advance that he would make Mayday look two years younger, supposedly nobody would recognize which leg was broken. I laughed and told him he was crazy; nevertheless, we started. The first day, when we took him out at 5:00am, he could not walk right. He was a three legged dog, not doubt about it. But that was only because I never walked him after the injury; later on we realized the leg was perfect. He did great during his workouts. I have to recognize that if it wasn’t for my good friend Cuban Missing Link, Mayday would never have won his fifth match. His conditioned program was something new to me. It really put a seal and lock on all of my experience conditioning. Of course, always with the valuable support from my friend Angel who went everywher with our dogs and Razorback’s J.C. Today, Southern Kennels is only me, but we still maintain a strong relationship with Angel, Missing Link, and J.C. Even from the middle of the world where I live now. We work together matching dogs and supporting each other in many different ways. It was truly a tremendous experience, Finally I get some merit. It was a lot of work and many bad experiences but that is the price we have to pay for success.

Which was your first dog? She was the great Perry and Aycart’s Miss Pacman (Eli Jr./Bullyson). She was a great dog, never could a dog can’t prove her gameness. She was too intense and rough, we beat the great Senorita dog who later on was a Champion dog and was on the cover of SDJ. Miss Pacman was born on November 30th 1984. Breeder Jeff McManus died when humane association jump into Jim Perry’s house. Then, my first two Champion I had like Southern Kennels, when our winning and success time started were: Champion White Head and Champion Pretty Girl. Both bred and raised by us. Both Champion White Head and Champion Pretty Girl were awesome, unbeatable dogs with a lot of mouth, smarts, talent and were hard scratchers. We have here a short, nice history to tell everybody. Just after Captain D, there was a lot of jealousy in the Florida area. They started to say the Captain D was nothing of a conditioner, so many things were said. We knew we had to stop the talk and go into action. After all this talk, we went into the Pit Bull business and we matched three dogs into three different kennels in Florida. We named this convention Southern Kennels Vs. The Rest of Florida Kennels. Of course, that was not the case, but everybody wanted to see our “new name” lose. The big important thing of this convention was that Mr. Oscar, Latin Boys, my old partner, hooked a female called Yury against Pretty Girl. They had a little roll convention where they chose that Yury dog for Pretty Girl. She was rolled against a fifty pound male; she toyed with him for a few minutes, then finished him. She was a rough, intense and so far, game dog. They swore that the Yury dog was going to kill our Pretty Girl or make her jump the pit in thirty minutes. This was because Pretty Boy was famous for producing rough thirty minute curs??? This time however, he was bred into a dead game bitch, Miss Maggie (GR. CH. Buck 7x ROM x Havana Boy’s CH Maggie 3x ROM). So these two dogs, White Head and Pretty Girl, are 3/4 Bullyson & 1/4 Patrick.
That was a phenomenal combination. Unfortunately for them, these two dogs were born complete. They took good mouth and intensity from their Bullyson family and all the gameness and smart style from the Mr. Patrick’s breeding. I can say that they were almost unbeatable; also we had a great conditioning program. Captain D promised a great convention, there was a lot of expectations in South Florida. I remember there were like forty cars in the farm and at least one hundred and twenty persons there. It was incredible how many people came to that little convention. We had a male out of Champion Rattler & Harringer’s Little Dumpling at forty-four pounds, Bubba Son, a male out of Boudreaux’ Pretty Boy & Miss Maggie at forty- two pounds, White Head, a female littermate to White Head, Pretty Girl at thirty-five pounds. Bubba won his first match realtively easy under :45 against the Ft. Lauderdale Kennel who brought a good dog, but not good enough to beat Bubba Son. Then the dog who went into White Head, they called him Hard Drive, was an awesome, real hard driving dog with tremendous mouth, good enough to kill dogs in twenty minutes. At this moment White Head was a one time winner already, we beat Hurricane Kennels when they used a two time winner called Butter who was a good dog, but White Head won over that two time winner in under an hour. So these same guys, Hurricane Kennels, choose this Hard Drive dog to beat our White Head. It was a rough, intensive match where the first thirty minutes were even, until White Head started to lead the contest and start to finish that Hard Drive Dog; under the hour mark too, we play money against all of them and they were very surprised. At this moment, we won two out of two dogs, so the logical tell you we have to lose the third one, until the best dog they bring was the female. And they play their life that Yury dog will win against Pretty Girl 1x, so they go ahead and play the last penny they had in their pocket, it was so intense. Two fighting machine little girls met their that night, that contest was so intensive, fast, strong, hard and high speed. Yury was in front until twenty minutes when Pretty girl started to take control of that situation and start to work very hard. Finally, at like thirty-five minutes, after Pretty Girl show to Yury she will stay there all night long if she need it, Yury start to jump the pit. But Pretty Girl bite her stifle and bring her down into the box to continue the match. A few minutes after that we handled the dogs and the great Yury don’t make it. Pretty Girl did an impressive scratch to win, because she was in very bad shape, just Yury was a real bad dog. On that day, Southern Kennels won three matches out of three fights in that little convention, the boys has to come back home with their pockets empty after losing all three matches. Champion White Head and Champion Pretty Girl born on March 14th 1989, breeder Havana Tito and Victor Aycart. Champion White Head was sold to Taiwan later on and Champion Pretty girl died with cancer a few years later at Southern Kennels’ yard.