Ralph Greenwood

At 15 years old, Ralph Greenwood started his lifelong career with American Pit Bull Terriors.Greenwood was truly a visionary, drafting the American Dog Breeder Association Conformation Standard. The ADBA dog standard reflected an athletic dog.Many dog experts have expressed that the ADBA breed standards is one of the best conformation standards for any breed based off the original purpose of the breed.By applying the ADBA standards to judging, there will always be dogs with an athletic conformation of the past dogs that made today’s breed..






ralph greenwood and dottie

Greenwood was a family man who built his business on honesty and honor. Greenwood ‘sword was his bond. He was on a first name basis with many prominent breeders, and because of his relationships, Greenwood was able to settle pedigree disputes with a quick phone call.

Ralph Greenwood was instrumental in modernizing the business to better meet the needs of dog fanciers. And, at the request of his customers, he formulated the conformation shows and weight pulls.When Ralph Greenwood died of cancer in 1988, the Greenwood Family continued with the ADBA as Ralph designed.