STP’s (Bo’s) NASTY 2XW

STP’s (Bo’s) Nasty was bred by the late Barney Fife. He took his best in show winner Vespers (CH Thunder X Meanie ROM) to Garland McDaniel to breed to STP’s CH Black Pazmanian ROM (Oiler JR ROM 2xw X Lady Bug). From this litter there were three brothers that would make anyone proud. STP’S CH NIGEL, EXTREME Kennels Belfast 1XL gamest in show, and STP’s (Bo’s) Nasty 2xw.Bo picked Nasty up from Garland’s place as a young prospect. Garland had looked at him once and told Bo he was a good prospect who liked the rear end. Bo loaded up the car with Nasty and a few other good dogs from Garland and headed North to upstate NY..






Bo looked at Nasty about 5 times with the longest roll against a son of Chamber’s CH Black Paz Jr named Leroy. Leroy got into Nasty’s rear end from the release. Nasty pulled him out and went to punishing Leroy. Leroy’s handler picked up in 20 minutes with Nasty wanting more. No other dog ever got back into Nasty’s rear end again! Nasty was the smartest pit dog I’ve ever seen. Nasty went uphill 15 lbs on his last roll (Nasty was a 49lb Pit Dog so you can just imagine how big this dog was!). From the release Bo and Nasty were both knocked out of the box! It didn’t take Nasty long to find his groove and they picked up in 10 minutes.

Bo decided to hook Nasty and Danger Boy’s picked up the weight. 49lbs. They used a dog named Jeff who was a very strong red dog. Bo traveled to NJ and the show was held in a small, heavily crowded basement. It was super hot down there and the box was on the small side. Upon release Nasty went straight to the head and took a ride! This was not Nasty’s style but he was so smart and was able to adapt. He did whatever he needed to do to win. It was as though he realized he was against an extremely strong opponent in a hot basement and that he needed to conserve his energy. Nasty wore Danger Boy’s charge out and after a couple scratches’s each, Danger Boy’s dog stops at about the 40 min mark.

For #2, Nasty was hooked into Eddie Foster and a onetime winning son of CH Taz. There was a lot of talking going on by Foster and his camp. They told us Nasty didn’t stand a chance against this dog. They said their dog was the hardest biting face dog alive and he was going to rip Nasty’s face off. I guess he took his last opponents face off, eye’s and all!

We put a hell of a keep on Nasty and he was the hardest working dog I’ve ever had the pleasure of walking behind. He loved to work and had great natural air. Our keep consisted of lots of hand walking, dragging chains, power walks, treadmill, etc. Nasty took the keep great and we loaded up the truck and headed back to NJ. The show was held at a very nice spot. A huge warehouse with plenty of room and not over crowed. It was a very professional set-up. Many of the games most prominent players were in attendance including STP, Jessie Rods, Strickly Business and many others. The match was set at 49lbs with Strickly Business Todd as the referee. I washed Fosters dog (I believe his name was Ray). He was a strong, well shaped dog. He was a little on the short side but a good looking dog nonetheless. Havana Chico washed Nasty. When it was time to take them to the box, Nasty nearly escaped Bo’s arms trying to get at the other dog. His rangy neck extended as long and far as it would go! It was a sight.

Upon release Ray went straight to Nasty’s nose and face and stayed there! They weren’t lying when they said Ray was ‘a wicked face dog’! He stayed on the face and muzzle and worked it hard while Nasty kept focused and pushed Ray around the square. Nasty would get a hold here and there but for the most part Ray did an outstanding job of staying out of trouble while giving Nasty’s head and face a terrible chewing. A turn was called on Ray and he came true. Nasty’s turn and due to the terrible face chewing, Bo wrung out the sponge of water on Nasty’s face to try to clean the blood off of his face, eyes and nose. Well when Todd said release your dog Nasty was a little discombobulated from having all that water in his eyes and face. At the 2-3 count Nasty came HARD. This drew some ooh’s and ahh’s from the crowd thinking Nasty was going to quit. I told Bo not to empty out the sponge in his face like that anymore. Nasty chased Ray for about 5-10 more minutes before he decided to go to plan B. At about the 30-35 minute mark Nasty decided to fight Ray at his own game and went to work in mouth. Ray on the top of Nasty’s muzzle with Nasty working the bottom jaw. It wasn’t long before Nasty had Ray’s bottom jaw broken and half of his tongue off. A handle is made and Ray comes gamely. Nasty’s turn to go and without any water in his face he is shooting out of the corner like a rocket. Nasty is now in the rear end and Ray is pretty much useless as he can’t use his mouth anymore. Another handle is made and Ray stands the line at about the hour mark. Nasty comes hard on his courtesy.

Everyone in attendance was impressed. Jessie Rods congratulated us and told us how impressed he was with Nasty. He helped us run a line of fluids into him while we talked. Chambers who owned and campaigned CH Black Paz Jr commented that he’s not sure if JR would have been able to take the punishment Nasty took and keep coming the way he did. We’ll never know because JR was a bad dog in his own right and got everyone he faced out of there in under an hour. STP was so impressed with Nasty they bought him from Bo a year or so later.
Nasty was hooked into Havana Boys & TDK’s CH Noreiga for his championship. Unfortunately this never took place as Bo brought Nasty in 3 or so pounds overweight. Due to time constraints with school, I was unable to help work Nasty. Bo had a friend of his help but he admitted they cut corners and that they failed the dog. Not long afterwards Nasty was sold to STP and due to missing hardware, he was retired to stud. STP who also owned Nasty’s brother CH Nigel remarked that he thought Nasty was a better dog than Nigel. I’m taking nothing away from Nigel, as anyone would have been proud to own him. I’m just making the point that even though Nasty was not a recognized Champion, he was as good as or better than many recognized Champions.

Nasty went on to produce some very good dogs. GR CH O-Jay, CH Manny Quest, Bandit 2XW, 1XLDG and many others. I personally saw so many great dogs off of Nasty fall into the wrong hands. Wasted dogs in the wrong hands, same story everywhere I’m sure. There is no telling how many of these dogs would have gone on to become great dogs if they were in the right hands.

In closing, Nasty was a one in a million type of dog and I was blessed to be a part of such a great one. You will always be remembered Ol’ Boy.